looking back, looking forward…

Molly Oliver Flowers had an exciting and rewarding fourth year. Thank you so much for being a part of it! As a small business, run by two working urban farmers, our company received more interest than ever before and we really reveled in the process of designing with locally grown blooms, sourcing always from our favorite local farmers, and watching their own spirits rise to see such increased interest in their products. I can’t tell you how gratifying it is to see a hardworking farmer see their work valued. We also connected with several new local flower farmers who began delivering to Brooklyn – yay! Thank you, Tiny Hearts Farm and Butternut Gardens!

We’re setting our sites on a bigger and better 2016, and hope to grow and improve a LOT.

As you may know, I’ve been managing a 1-acre urban farm, the Youth Farm, since 2011. I’ll be working less at The Youth Farm next year, stepping into more of an advisory/support role, and continuing to train new farmers through our Urban Farm Training Program. This farming season has been so rewarding – farming and teaching others gives me a high that’s tough to match. It’s really pure joy to see others sow their first seeds and watch them sprout; to hammer out some transplanting math or build a compost pile. Growing farmers gives me hope for our future.

However, being a farmer in the city requires ingenuity and I’ve been able to make it by designing flowers for weddings. I grew up with an insanely creative mother, an artist and volunteer florist for our church. I inherited from her a love of design and of composition, of reveling in textures and colors and shapes, and so the floral design becomes a natural outlet for that creative urge.

In order to strengthen Molly Oliver Flowers, I need to hone some more design skills. I’ve been farming for 10 years, designing for four. And it’s time to dig in deep and GROW. A big, yet exciting change! Part of growing and getting the word out about what we do, is launching a new website we’ve been working on that will share more about who we are, and what our philosophy is. So stay tuned, and thanks for bearing with our old website:)!



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