‘In the Name of Love’ Valentines Day Collab with Erica Weiner Jewelry…

Dear friends,

I doubt I’m alone in experiencing a full spectrum of feels when  someone mentions Valentines Day… so my apologies if this email has already rubbed you wrong. Please, read on!

For me, emotions around valentimes range from happy memories of finding my mom’s handmade construction paper cards and tiny piles of foil-wrapped chocolate hearts on the kitchen table…to the secret joy of receiving an obligatory Snoopy Hallmark valentine from my Kindergarten crush Ricky… to an awkward/crankiness felt from roughly age 12 to 20 (and plenty of other years since then) at not having a ‘Valentine’…to a continued irritability at the overly heteronormative capitalization of this mysterious holiday…to the NYC-centric difficulty of finding or a normally-priced meal on February 14th…

…to a current feeling that we need to celebrate and focus on love in all its many forms, as a means of self-preservation in a time when hate feels more powerful and hungry than ever before. Are ya still with me?

While everyone’s love language is different and there are arguably plenty of beautiful ways to show and give love in our daily lives without dropping a cent…

JUST in case you’re on the lookout for a speeeecial gift for your own bad self, your lover, your best friend, your Gma, that cute barista or a special human that you feel extra thankful for….

This V-Day/Me-Day I’ve teamed up for a second time with one of my own personal platonic loves, friend and Brooklyn-based jeweler Erica Weiner, to help you give the gift of local flowers!

Locally-grown flowers DO grow in February, yes! They are carefully cultivated in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and they’ll be partying down with other nice domestically grown flowers from California this year. Locally grown flower purchases support our growing community of flower farmers (did you know 80% of the flowers you buy are grown abroad?), who treat the earth right!

 Bouquets are available in Mini, Medium and Large and ALL will be a tear-worthy bunch of beauty in the form of
Anemones, Ranunculus, Wax Flower, Garden Roses and more!
Reserve your locally grown flowers for 2/14/17 and get all the details for pick up at EWJ’s Boerum Hill store by clicking below:

Placing orders by Friday Feb. 10th is preferable, THANK YOU kindly!

What’s more? You’ll also get a credit towards a day-of purchase of EW Jewelry, so if you were planning to buy something shiny for your sweetie, you’ll also take home a gorgeous bouquet of seasonal blooms for free!

HOW ELSE will your purchase improve life, you ask?

We’ll be donating 20% of all purchases to Van Jones’ Love Army, which is working on mediating “messy” conversations between progressives and conservatives. 

I would love nothing more than to wrap you up a bundle of beauty this Valentines, to lift your spirit, raise your vibration, and/or to surprise the socks off your special person!

Feel free to share this message widely,
with all the ones you love:)

This is the last you’ll hear from me, ‘cept on the Gram – promise!

BIG hugs to all!!


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