Joys of spring … begin in winter


This spring, we’ve had the joys of working with some of the region’s most delectable flowers: Anemone, Ranunculus, Helleborus, Sweet Pea, Azalea, Peonies… simply divine and awe inspiring. I find myself emotionally and mentally uplifted by these flowers. I was also an April baby, and feel a kinship with the optimism and hope that spring flowers can embody – especially as an east coaster where winters feel so long, dark, and increasingly late.

All of the flowers mentioned above grow locally; some begin blooming in mid November, and continue right on through May. So if you are planning a fall or winter wedding and want to use local flowers, don’t despair! We’ve developed a detailed sense for what our local flower and foliage farmers are producing in cooler months. You may be in store for some of the most melt-your-heart flowers.




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