Cut Flower CSA

I am thrilled to bring my love of flower farming to Brooklyn. You can purchase Youth Farm Flowers through our Community Supported Agriculture Program (CSA). As a CSA member, your purchase of a share (while not tax deductible) supports educational programming at the Youth Farm for students at the High School for Public Service.

CSA members receive gorgeous cut-flower bouquets each week, featuring unique seasonal perennials and annuals. Flowers are harvested and bunched the day of distribution, and last from 5-14 days. For a list of sample shares scroll down.

The 2013 Cut Flower CSA will run for 17 weeks, June 26th through October 16th. Shares are distributed at two locations:
Wednesdays at the Youth Farm, 600 Kingston Avenue, 2:30-6:30pm
Mondays at Shambhala Yoga and Dance in Prospect Heights, 5-8pm

For more information on how to SIGN UP for flower and/or vegetable shares, please click HERE.

Some photos of 2012 Youth Farm Flower CSA shares:


misc 2



Flower Shares at a glance:
July 6, 2011: Ocean Pearls Agrostemma, Pro Cut Orange Sunflowers, Flashback Calendula, Cut & Come Again Zinnias
July 13, 2011: Bells of Ireland, Quartet Stock, Indian Summer Rudbekia, Royal Mix Sweet Peas, Pumila Zinnias
July 20, 2011: Black Knight Scabiosa, Red Dahlia Zinnias, Sedum, Costa Snapdragons, Bells of Ireland
July 27, 2011: Pacific Statice, Buttercream Sunflowers, Bells of Ireland, Scabiosa, Snapdragons
August 3, 2011: Mountain Snow Euphorbia, Color Mix Scabiosa flowers and buds, Velvet Queen Sunflowers, Snapdragons
August 17, 2011:  Limelight Spray Millet, Queen Lime Zinnias, Cherry Brandy Rudbekia, Euphorbia, Sunflowers
August 24, 2011: Little Becka Sunflowers, Frosted Explosion grass, Orange Temple Bells Celosia, Rudbekia, Euphorbia, Zinnias
August 31, 2011: Bombay Mix Celosia, Plum branches, Euphorbia, Olympia Mix Scabiosa, Sunflowers
September 7, 2011: Purple Majesty Millet, Sunbeam Sunflowers, Snapdragons, Celosia, Euphorbia, Frosted Explosion
September 14, 2011: Bergundy Supercrest Celosia, Bicolor Sunflowers, Color Mix Scabiosa, Zinnias, Millet, Euphorbia, Snapdragons
September 21, 2011: Red Flame Celosia, Pampas Plume Celosia, Millet, Frosted Explosion, Euphorbia, Zinnias
September 28, 2011: Teddy Bear Sunflowers, Moulin Rouge Sunflowers, Frosted Explosion, Giant Violet Zinnias, Snapdragons, Bells of Ireland
October 5, 2011: Bupleurum, Thai Basil, Blue Boy Bachelors Buttons, Amaranth, Celosia, Sunflowers, Zinnias
October 12, 2011: Amaranth, Millet, Snapdragons, Bicolor Sunflowers, Celosia, Zinnias, Thai Basil
October 19, 2011: Sunrise Cutflower Kale, Celosias, Sunflowers, Zinnias, Bachelors Buttons, Thai Basil


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