About Molly

SONY DSCMolly Oliver Flowers is a sustainable floral design business founded by Molly Oliver Culver, Co-Farm Manager and Director of Adult Education at The Youth Farm.

Hi, I’m Molly.  When I’m not helping to train adults in the techniques and traditions of small-scale, sustainable farming over in Crown Heights, I love to dive into creating beauty for special events with all the flowers, branches and buds any given season has to offer.

Did you know that roughly 80% of the flowers sold in the US are grown overseas? While some large scale growing operations abroad are improving  workers’ conditions and taking steps to curb the environmental costs of industrial floriculture, this billion dollar industry is still dependent on massive amounts of fossil fuels. I am interested in supporting a small, mighty and growing community of new flower farmers here in our region who are preserving farmland and growing jobs and our economy. I also work with veteran wholesalers on 28th St. (our flower district) who enjoy sourcing the best blooms from from our regional growers. (photo credit: Victoria Jane Photography).

My team and I source 90-100% of all our flowers within 200 miles of New York City, from both regional and urban farms. An organic farmer of 10+ years myself, I work with a talented community of dedicated farmers old and new who grow a great diversity of beautiful flowers, cut days or even hours before, and delivered at peak quality to the city. It’s not an easy road, nor perfect, but we’re learning more every day and working with our local farmers to identify the best varieties while also challenging ourselves to work with whatever’s available. As we know, nature scoffs at most plans… but has better adventures in store for us anyway.

I aim to reduce waste as much as possible, offering a variety of rented vases, and ensuring you and your guests go home with as many flowers at the end of your event as desired. Whatever isn’t claimed, I take to The Youth Farm and compost.


I am passionate about connecting other people with local flowers, sharing the fun of learning about what’s in season, and cultivating the most enchanting arrangements possible, that evoke time, place, and emotion.

You can learn more about my work as a ‘farmer-florist’ and slow flower activism in my 2015 interview with Debra Prinzing, of Slow Flowers.com.

Our flower purchasing from our partner educational farms supports farming and food systems education for youth and adults.

We offer full-service floral design for special events and weddings large and small. We marry our strong organization and communication skills with fierce commitment to locally-sourced flowers, and an aesthetic bent towards the wild and whimsical, aiming to produce unique, natural feeling arrangements.


We can also support the DIY’ers out there: if you want to get hands-on and design your own, we’ll provide fresh, seasonal flowers a day before to your chosen design team.

We offer a free consultation to discuss your desired look, rates, and flower availability.

For all inquiries please contact mollyoliverculver@gmail.com.