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Welcome! You're about to embark on a journey into the world of seasonal, locally-grown flowers.

Options: Available in 4, 8 or 12 bouquets with weekly & biweekly options, always on Wednesdays. All subscriptions auto-renew.

Delivery/Pickup: Choose direct delivery or free pickup (from 18 NYC locations) at checkout

We are 100% committed to local farms & we only source the freshest, rarest flowers from ~20 specialty cut flower growers within 200 miles of NYC.
Why We Stand Out

Not Your Average Subscription
Molly Oliver Flowers subscription program is a carefuly curated selection of the highest quality, locally grown, pesticide free flowers that includes a weekly newsletter to tell each flowers' story

Reinvestment in Local Farms
Because we care about diversifying the farmer population, 15% of profits from our subscriptions are donated to land-back initiatives run by Black, Latino and Indigenous groups in our region. 

Read more about our passion for local farms + why we launched our subscription service in May 2020 here

Full Subscription Details

- Stem Count: Choose Standard (10-20 stems/week) or Deluxe (20-40 Stems/week)

- Delivery/Pickup: Choose direct delivery or free pickup (from 18 NYC locations) at checkout 

- Starter Packs: Include a L’Impatience x Molly Oliver Flowers vase and our favorite clippers

- Varieties: January 31st - February 28th will heavily feature specialty cut tulips. After that, it will depend on your start date and what is in season

- Packaging: 100% recycled, compostable paper

- Pause Anytime: Going away on vacation? You can pause your subscription at any time

- Workshop Discount: Subscribers get $20 off of our Seasonal Floral Design Workshops

Pause/Cancel Your Subscription

To access your customer portal, login/create an account here. Select "subscriptions" to access your subscription details.

The option to pause or cancel will appear after you have completed 4, 8 or 12 weeks (whichever option you chose at checkout).

Please notify us by Friday at 2pm for the following Wednesday.

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