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Lead Sustainable Designer - Position Filled

Lead Sustainable Designer: 1 position open for 2023 (and hopefully beyond!)

As Lead Designer, you will bring your expert skills in floral design to bear to bring MOF design work to the next level in 2023. You’ll shop for and execute seasonal, sustainable designs for our scheduled events. You’ll help select, receive, process and design flowers in our studio; then, pack, deliver, and design flowers on site on event days. Additional tasks may include but are not limited to washing buckets, organizing inventory, cleaning candle holders, chopping compost, studio cleaning, and representing MOF at industry events. There is potential for this position to develop into a full-time position.

Timeline / Compensation:

·       This position will average 20-30 hours/week, across 2 or 3 days/week; or, 20-40 hours/month over 2-3 weeks

·       Start Date: Late March / early April 2023

·       Hours generally as follows, March – December:

  • Wednesdays and/or Thursdays: Shop / Pick up Flower Orders on 28th St. or Union Square Greenmarket; Process flowers / prep vessels; 6am – 10am or 2pm (Depending on what is needed this will be a ½ or full day; includes 1 hr. paid break)
  • Thursday or Friday: Design for events, 9am – 5pm (includes 1 hr. paid break)
  • Saturday or Sunday: Deliver events, 7am/8am – 5pm/6pm (includes 1 hr. paid break)

·       $30/hour; hired as part/time employee (workers’ comp and disability covered); or, $35/hr. if 1099/contract preferred (you must have your own liability insurance)

·       Employee must track their time on

·       Payroll is run every 2 weeks; to be paid via direct deposit through Gusto payroll system.

·       Reimbursement for cabs home if needed at studio prior to 7AM or later than 8:30pm

·       This position receives complimentary flowers as often as we’re able to give them!

Core Responsibilities:

  • Thoroughly read contracts and review mood boards for booked events, paying close attention to client preferences for design / mood / aesthetic prior to weekly meeting;  compare contract with Event Materials Spreadsheet, looking for overlap/errors/inventory shortages
  • Review Molly’s flower order 1 week prior to weekly meeting and shopping; eventually, prepare flower orders for Molly to review (after a few months or 10 events)
  • Weekly Monday meeting with Molly to review upcoming event design goals in terms of style / color / etc.; communication with Molly throughout the week via email/text/phone
  • Be responsive to emails regarding upcoming events (“Run of Show” production timelines sent 7-10 days ahead); eventually, write and send Run of Show emails
  • Pick up / supplement Molly’s flower orders on 28th St. and at Union Square Greenmarket Wednesdays – Fridays, sticking to budget goals
  • Process / quality check + organize flowers that Molly brings from CT on Weds., as well as those you pick up in flower district/farmers market Weds. – Fri.
  • Follow MOF standards for quality, design, and communication
  • Help to safely / carefully load, drive/transport and unload designs at event locations (note: you will often be driving a Cargo van
  • Represent Molly Oliver Flowers values and work ethic at all events: our ethos is highly communicative, punctual, down-to-earth/friendly, organized, tidy, waste-conscious
  • Report back to Molly any important observations or communications with venues/planners/clients etc. post-event (send a brief post-event report via email
  • Help maintain and clean/organized studio throughout the week and follow/uphold MOF protocol for sink usage, hall cleanliness, and freight use
  • Meet with Molly every 2 months for a check-in on how the position is going / mutual feedback


Qualifications - Required:

·       2-4 years’ experience in part- or full-time event floral design

·       Ability to routinely lift and carry 40lbs

·       Excellent references

·       Art background / color theory / event production or related experience a plus

·       Valid driver’s license


This job is for you if you…:

·       Are excited to grow your leadership skills in a full-time floral studio, and/or to learn more about the inner workings of a sustainability-focused floral studio in NYC

·       Love working with your hands and on your feet

·       Are a team-player

·       Are indefinitely optimistic

·       Are equally happy working independently as with a team

·       Are comfortable leading a team of 2-4+ designers in on-site production

·       Are able to adapt to changes in this small, ever-evolving small business

·       Like building relationships and a rapport with customers/regulars

·       Are an excellent communicator

·       Are excited to help grow Molly Oliver Flowers’ event business in 2023, mainly by improving quality, consistency, and maintaining positive relationships with all vendor partners, building tenants, and clients


To Apply:
Please send application to with subject line LEAD DESIGNER JOB APPLICANT [ENTER NAME]. Your application must include:

o   Your resume with details on relevant recent experience (PLEASE see qualifications above)

o   A brief (2 para. max) cover letter explaining why you’re interested in this position and detailing the required responsibilities carries + skill sets honed in prior positions.

o   10 photos of your own floral design work, preferably: 3 bouquets, 3 larger installations and/or wedding ceremony designs; 3-4 reception arrangements of varying sizes

o   Any Friday / Saturday / Sundays you are NOT available

o   3 relevant references, preferably florists you have worked for

Due: March 10th, 2023


Working at Molly Oliver Flowers, you will get an exclusive look into the workings of small sustainability-focused floral design business. You will have the opportunity to learn about local/seasonal flowers and farms, local distribution models, sustainable floral design, flower handling and post-harvest care, and much more. 

Molly Oliver Flowers is an equal-opportunity employer.