In the realm of botany, an evergreen is a plant characterized by foliage that retains its green and functional nature across multiple growing seasons. This stands in stark contrast to deciduous plants, which shed their foliage entirely either during the winter months or in dry seasons.


Evergreen families

Family name









Real yellowwood




Australian tree fern




Live Oak


Shamel ash








Southern magnolia


Queen sago

Japanese umbrella pine is unique in that it has its own family of which it is the only species.


There are many different kinds of evergreen plants, both trees and shrubs.  

Evergreens include: 

  • Most species of conifers (e.g., pine, hemlock, spruce, and fir), but not all (e.g., larch).
  • Live oak, holly, and "ancient" gymnosperms such as cyads 
  • Many woody plants from frost-free climates
  • Rainforest trees
  • All Eucalypts 
  • Clubmosses and relatives
  • Most Bamboos 

The Latin binomial term sempervirens, meaning "always green", refers to the evergreen nature of the plant, for instance:

Cupressus sempervirens (a cypress)

Lonicera sempervirens (a honeysuckle)

Sequoia sempervirens (a sequoia)

Leaf longevity in evergreen plants varies from a few months to several decades (over 30 years in the Great Basin bristlecone pine).


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Crafting Classic Holiday Wreaths with Evergreen Charm

With the holidays just around the corner, there's something special about the scent of pine and the vibrant greenery of evergreen branches. As we embrace the festive spirit of the season, it is hard not to think of the timeless charm of evergreens - the heart and soul of the those wreaths that add warmth and holiday cheer to our homes.

The Green Magic of Evergreens: Bringing Holiday Vibes to Life

Evergreens, with their lush and long-lasting foliage, are the go-to for crafting holiday wreaths that perfectly capture the essence of the season. From the familiar pine scent to the soft needles of spruce and fir, these trees provide a rich canvas of greenery that represents life, hope, and resilience during the winter. Using a mix of evergreen varieties ensures a wreath with different textures and scents, creating a festive display that's both visually appealing and smells amazing.

Wreaths That Speak Tradition and Meaning

Holiday wreaths have a rich tradition, often symbolizing unity, eternity, and the enduring spirit of life. Evergreens, at the core of these festive creations, embody these sentiments beautifully. Each branch signifies the continuation of life and stands as a symbol of strength during the chilly winter days. Mixing different evergreen types, like cedar, pine, and juniper, adds layers of meaning and creates a wreath that not only looks good but also holds significance in your holiday decorations.

Getting Crafty: DIY Evergreen Wreaths for a Personal Touch

Adding the magic of evergreens to your holiday decor can be a fun and rewarding DIY project. Start by picking up fresh evergreen branches from your local florist or Christmas tree vendor. Arrange them in a circular shape, secure with some floral wire or use a pre-made wreath frame. Get creative by adding pinecones, berries, or a festive bow. Crafting your own evergreen wreath lets you tailor it to match your unique holiday style, adding a personal touch that makes your decor truly yours.

Evergreens Everywhere: Beyond the Door and All Around the Home

While evergreen wreaths are a timeless choice for the front door, their versatility doesn't stop there. Hang them indoors as a centerpiece, above the fireplace, or as part of a festive table setting. Miniature evergreen wreaths also make adorable ornaments for the tree or decorative accents for gift wrapping. The enduring beauty of evergreens seamlessly integrates into different aspects of holiday decor, bringing a touch of nature and elegance to every nook of your home.

In a nutshell, evergreens are the unsung heroes of holiday wreaths, infusing our homes with the festive spirit. As you dive into your holiday decorating, consider the classic charm and meaningful touch that evergreens bring to your wreaths. Whether you stick to a traditional design or get crafty with your DIY masterpiece, let the magic of evergreens make this season a celebration of joy, warmth, and natural beauty.

December 27, 2023 — Jessica Robyn

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